Ethical social network looking for influencers to join their platform
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Supernova is the social network for a positive world and for a safe social media experience.

They are the social network that gives back because:

  1. Due to unique product design, technology and human moderation backed by AI, Supernova have effectively 0% toxicity.
  2. On Supernova, all ‘likes’ and ‘Supernovas’ (worth 10x normal like) earn money for your chosen charities.

Their aim is to give $1B a year to good causes, by earning a 5% share of the global social media market.

Supernova are looking for influencers to promote the platform on social channels, encouraging users to sign up as well as posting exclusive content that you know your audiences will love.

Successful applicants will join the elite Creators Programme and receive a blue check verification mark which will they’ll retain as long as they remain in the programme and be eligible for paid assignments from Supernova and their global sponsors for which only verified Supernova Creators will qualify.

Please contact for more information.

Closing date: 15th December 2022