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Green Diary Date: Don’t Step on a Bee Day
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July 10th is Don’t Step On A Bee Day! Often misinterpreted as a day that is only focused on not willingly step on bees or harm them, the day holds a greater significance. 

The day aims to create consciousness about the conservation of bees and highlights the plight they face due to the destruction of their habitats. The insecticides, particularly those containing neonicotinoids that are fatal for bees, along with pollution, chemical exposure, and temperature changes pose a threat to their existence.

Bees are essential to our survival and play a big role in balancing our ecosystem. They are great pollinators, produce honey, and give us food. 

Make sure you mark this date on your PR calendars and prepare your media pitches accordingly. Get involved with any initiatives or take it as a chance to learn more about the subject.