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The Vegan Food & Living Product Awards 2023
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The Vegan Food & Living Product Awards 2023 are now live! We have put together an expert panel of judges who will be testing the products and deliberating on the decisions to finalise the winners.

This year’s categories:

  • Best vegan milk alternative
  • Best vegan cheese
  • Best vegan egg replacement
  • Best vegan yoghurt
  • Best vegan burger
  • Best vegan sausage
  • Best vegan bacon
  • Best vegan pie
  • Best vegan ham
  • Best vegan chicken alternative
  • Best vegan fish alternative
  • Best vegan pizza
  • Best vegan ready meal
  • Best vegan chocolate
  • Best vegan dessert
  • Best vegan ice cream
  • Best vegan sweets
  • Best vegan recipe delivery box
  • Best vegan protein shake/bar
  • Best vegan alcohol

Entries are priced at £100 per product

Submissions close on 13th January 2023 at 18:00

Winner will be contacted on 20th February 2023

The Product Awards results announced in Vegan Food & Livingmagazine and on our website on 19th April 2023. The product test results are published across all Vegan Food & Living channels and a special Awards feature published in our May issue.